Ethical dilemma

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  • Published : September 14, 2014
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Beth Etter
Cris Elstro
Ethical Dilemma
1.) Dilemma: The dilemma that I will be writing about it euthanasia by medical professionals. For many, this may be a difficult issue to talk about. I will be trying to present information and things that should be considered when it comes to facing this dilemma. A lot of hat is said throughout this paper is stated as if all of this was legal in all 50 state in the United States. 2.) Level One: There would be several people involved when it came to euthanasia by medical professionals. First, there would be the patient and the physician. Second, there would be the patient’s family and the physician’s staff or the people that would assist him. Some other people that might be involved could be a grief counselor, pastor or preacher (whatever the appropriate term is for the leader of your church) that would try to console the family afterwards. There might even be someone from the insurance company. You never know if this would be covered or not. This could lead higher up into the insurance company if they are not exactly sure on the stance of this and whether or not it is covered by the insurance. Or even if the diagnosis allowed for this to be covered or not. Some other people that would be involved families that have seen what going through that terminal diagnosis will and can do to the patient. Some other experts that might be involved in this could be a psychologist, the lab that possibly performed the test on the biopsy, or the ultrasound technician that found the tumor, or the radiographic technologist might have discovered the abnormality in the image and passed the findings on to another physician. 3.) Level Two: Case Based Reasoning: Reasoning for deciding to use euthanasia by a medical professional may vary from case to case. Some of the more reasonable and easier to understand the reasoning would be if the patient received a diagnosis that was terminal. This is where you would ask yourself if you would want to suffer through all of this unimaginable pain or would you rather pass away with dignity and not have to rely on anyone else to help you with the basic functions of being a human? With everything that we do know about any certain diagnosis, the patient would be able make up his or her mind on what to do. A reason that a patient might decide to go with euthanasia by a medical professional might be that they do not want to go through all of the excruciating pain and wither away to nothing if they were diagnosed with a type of cancer. Maybe the patient wants to end their life with dignity. Maybe they don’t want to end up in hospice. Physical: The physical aspect of this would be watching the person wither away and slowly lose their ability to possibly walk, talk, move appendages, use the bathroom, shower without assistance, and drive a car for daily functions. Psycological: The psychological aspect of this would include possibly losing mental functions due to being tired all the time, state of confusion, breaking down mentally if they were very independent and can’t come to terms with having to rely on someone else on a daily basis. This could lead the patient into a state of depression. Social: The social aspect of this would be not being able to go out to grocery stores or movies with a weakened immune system, not being able to interact with family like they were used to, being limited to who you can see, especially if a family member is sick. This could lead the patient into a state of depression as well. Spiritual: The spiritual aspect of this could be the patient questioning if there is a God. If there is a God, how could he allow me to suffer through this much pain? How could he allow me to lose my strength? How could he allow me to not enjoy what is left of my time with my family? How could he limit me on what I am able to do in my final days? 4.) Level Three: Rules, Rights, Codes, and Laws

Rights: One of the main the things that should be...
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