Fat Boy Swim

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  • Published : October 14, 2013
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Explore how the character of jimmy develops though the novel? In the novel ‘Fat boy swim’ jimmy show a change in his character; physically, emotionally and in his school and home life. This change is influenced by his friends and also family. Jimmy Kelly, the fat boy of the school, gets reminded of this every day by the school bully’s. He turns this sadness and a love; he uses the energy to keep him cooking. But this is just like a giant circle. He is overweight so he gets bullied. To stop the pain he then eats. At the very start of the book, Jimmy is shown as being unfit. He is described as having “thick flesh,” and he also “wheezes like an old accordion!” this tells us during sport jimmy struggles and does not do it on his own free will. The “old accordion” is onomatopoeia to tell us what he sounds like. This noise is due to his heavy breathing. This line makes the reader think, what has made him to eat this much. Is it depression and he comfort eats or is it due to the fact he is not educated on what is good for him. It is clear shown that jimmy get bullied for whatever reason. This bullying is not just spoken but also actions. After a P.E lesson Jimmy comes in to find a “shower had been left on full, its jet angled just so to soak the clothes bundled underneath.” This quote tells it is bullying not just a joke. The fat his stuff is the only stuff is getting wet shows he has been targeted. This makes the reader feel for Jimmy as he has not done anything to them and that there are a number of people who pick on him and nobody had the guts to turn off the shower and pick his clothes up. We know this bullying does not happen occasional, but most days. He says “he was an expert by now, was Jimmy, at concentrating on the task in hand. That way he didn’t allow himself to dwell on the reason why things happened.” An expert is someone who has good skill and knowledge by experience. This word tells the reader he is used to it and it happens regularly and he cannot...
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