Financial Performance of Banking Enterprises

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  • Published : July 14, 2013
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Performance is used to indicate firm’s success, conditions, and compliance. Financial performance refers to the act of performing financial activity. In broader sense, financial performance refers to the degree to which financial objectives being or has been accomplished. It is the process of measuring the results of a firm's policies and operations in monetary terms. Financial performance analysis includes analysis and interpretation of financial statements in such a way that it undertakes full diagnosis of the profitability and financial soundness of the business It is used to measure firm's overall financial health over a given period of time and can also be used to compare similar firms across the same industry or to compare industries or sectors in aggregation. “The analysis of financial statements is a process of evaluating the relationship between component parts of financial statements to obtain a better understanding of the firm’s position and performance.” Metcalf, R. W. and P. L. Titard, Principles of Accounting, W. B. Saunders, (Philadelphia)1976, P-157

The financial performance analysis identifies the financial strengths and weaknesses of the firm by properly establishing relationships between the items of the balance sheet and profit and loss account. The first task is to select the information relevant to the decision under consideration from the total information contained in the financial statements. The second is to arrange the information in a way to highlight significant relationships. The final is interpretation and drawing of inferences and conclusions. In short, “financial performance analysis is the process of selection, relation, and evaluation.” Financial analysts often assess firm's production and productivity performance, profitability performance, liquidity performance, working capital performance, fixed assets performance, fund flow performance and social performance.

1. Working capital Analysis
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