Firearm and Pro Gun Control

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  • Published : May 15, 2014
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Pro Gun Control Essay
Persuasive Pro Gun Control Essay Gun control is a vital necessity to the welfare of our nation. Many people out there are supporting the “anti- gun control cause” with the excuse of “self-defense”. I believe that not everyone will handle a gun for self-defense. The possession of a gun is... Premium1048 Words5 Pages

Gun Control Speech
Gun Control Speech By Sam Casey Could we cure the mass gun killings in America by distributing a free, and very effective chill pill? Or is it just the insane people holding guns? The issues with the American Politics and gun control is that A- They don’t consider just putting guns in the hands... Premium488 Words2 Pages

Pro Gun Control
Name Date Class Professor Pro-Gun Control With the Second Amendment giving American citizens the right to bear arms, and approximately fifty percent of Americans owning some form of a firearm, issues involving the ownership and possession of guns has led to debates in American society. Many... Premium707 Words3 Pages

Pro. Gun Control
Lashea Williams 11/6/05 In some ways, gun control isn't as irrational as it may seem. Even though it is said to violate the people's second amendments right, which says, "A regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not... Premium713 Words3 Pages

Gun Control
Gun Control In 1988, Handguns killed 7 people in Great Britain, 19 in Sweden, 53 in Switzerland, 25 in Israel, 13 in Australia, 8 in Canada, and 8,915 in the United States. The figures are shocking, but what is the solution? Gun control is a problem that our country has faced for many years. In... Premium2068 Words9 Pages

Gun Control Is Needed
Gun Control Is Needed Regulation of guns is a necessary...
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