Footloose: Play Critique

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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The play I am writing about is called Footloose. It was preformed at the Country Day School Pavillion. I saw this play on Saturday, April 14, 2012. Footloose is about a teenaged boy and his single mother moving to a small town in which the law states that there can be no singing or dancing of any sort. There was a terrible accident that had happened five years ago which involved the priests son in a car crash. The priest blames song and dance, therefore banning it in that town. The teenaged boy, the priests rebellious daughter and a few of their friends set out to legalize singing and dancing once more.

The story worked very well and flowed nicely. It was interesting, not exactly knowing what would come next and there was also some comedy mixed in. I very much liked the actual script.
I thought the actors were very well rehearsed and sung very well. A few times someone said a line a little to fast but otherwise everything was very believable. They all had microphones on so they were nice and loud but whoever was controlling the microphones could have used a little more practice because their voices would cut in and out and the audio person would turn the wrong person’s microphone on. They all had great choreography and gestures.

The set was excellent. It was hand painted and fit the story very well. They also set the mood of a scene very nicely by using lights and sound effects. The music was very catchy and interesting. The costumes were very good as well, they fit the time period of the play perfectly.

The audience was very well behaved. They laughed and clapped all at the right times. They were all very interested and engaged in the play. I think the show in general was one of the best school plays I’ve seen. It was funny, dramatic and all together well put together. I would happily recommend anyone of any age to go see this play because it had some mature humor along with some silly laughs. I look forward to the next one!
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