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  • Published : October 7, 2013
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The earth’s audit
Question 1
The global environmental outlook report the UN produced could be seen as doom mongering too many people including me. This is due to the amount of facts produced of how us as a species is destroying the planet we live on due to our destructive methods of living. The report gives us many raw figures that certainly don’t cast a good light on the state of the world at this current time. One of the hardest facts to swallow is that 10 million plus children die every year; this is especially worrying considering that global income has risen by a massive 40%! This clearly means that the money is not currently being used wisely as they cannot help bring this figure down. The flip side of this could be that global populations, especially of developing nations, is rising rapidly and this will drastically change the number of children dying and the global average income. This means that although the situation may not be as bad as the report puts it, it will make people more aware and caring to these issues and will likely cause people to donate to charities meaning there will be improving conditions globally. Also the report says that around 70,000 km2 of forest is lost every year for various reasons. This is also a very ‘doom mongering’ figure and considering the increasing population of the world this figure is likely to get bigger and bigger. So I would argue that this figure is a warning by the UN that world is being severely affect by human kind and we must try to reduce our impact on the earth. The reason for them doing this is that people are likely to be greener and try to reduce their contribution to the loss of these forests. Perhaps the figure that gives this report the debatable name ‘doom mongering’ is that of how sustainable are food supplies are for the increasing population. 120 million hectares are needed to feed the population of developing nations (such as Brazil, India and china) by 2030! Although developing nations...
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