Globalisation between the western and local perpective

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  • Published : September 28, 2013
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Globalization is a process which allows countries on different continents to integrate and interconnect with each other. The onslaught of Globalization has taken the world today by storm, and can be seen everywhere. However, one must take into account that globalization can be seen as a double edged sword, bringing about both pros, and cons. Firstly, Globalization brings about an increase in the competitiveness of the local workforce. The onset of globalization has allowed our local population to be more educated as it is regarded that a person with higher academic qualifications would equate to attaining a higher paying job. These has in turn brought about more competitiveness as people fight for higher paying jobs and constantly seek self-improvement and career advancements to improve their quality of life. The abovementioned view can be supported by the example of the developing country of Myanmar after its post military junta era. Myanmar has in recent times embraced globalization by the luring of MNCs into the country to develop the country. This can be seen in the example of hotel businesses from the west coming to Myanmar. Since the arrival of such MNCs in Myanmar, the local population has experienced an increase in the level of education for the younger generation. Myanmar then boasts a higher productive workforce, as well as a lucrative hotel business. The people of Myanmar today strive to study harder to attain higher academic qualifications, and henceforth improve their chances of securing a highly paying job. In the westernized world, globalization allows countries there to have greater business opportunities as well as employment opportunities for the local workforce. With the inpouring of financial investments and funds to kick start work production and businesses, there is a greater opportunity for these countries to experience economic prosperity due to an increase in their output and ultimately their GDP. This can be seen as an example of the...
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