Disadvantages of Globalization

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  • Published : May 1, 2014
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Globalization Essay

Broadly speaking, globalization has affected many nations in different ways; economically, politically and socially. Since the 1980s many developed and developing countries have experienced increases in within country inequality. The growing income gap has coincided with the period of increasing exposure of countries to globalization through increased flows of goods, services, capital and labour across international borders. These developments have instigated a large debate in the academic and policy circles as to whether globalization is responsible for the growing inequality within countries. As a result, has affected the products people consume, the environment, culture, security. In fact, has affected cultures economies on matters dealing with environmental destruction and availability of the already limited resources. These changes have turned globalization in to a major problem, due to its policies and society processes. Through this essay it will be shared knowledge and facts about the disadvantages of these global trade, and its costs if is not regulated.

As a matter of fact, globalization is not an inevitable process and there are risks and costs such as inequality, which has been linked to rising unbalances in income and outcomes. Evidence for this is a rise in the growing rural urban divide in countries such as China, India and Brazil. As well as inflation, trade imbalances or unemployment has grown due to globalization. As well as, strong demand for food and energy has caused a rise in commodity prices. Food price inflation has placed at developing countries people at great risk. Trade has grown but also causes imbalances. Some countries are running enormous trade surpluses and these imbalances are creating tensions and pressures to introduce protectionist policies.

Another concerned has been expressed by some that investment and jobs in advanced economies will drain away to developing countries. Inevitably some jobs...
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