Goblin Market

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  • Published : April 17, 2014
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In “Goblin Market”, forces of human greed and immorality strike home. “Goblins” are guilty of selling their “sweet, delicious fruit” to the protagonists of the story, Lizzie and Laura. However, these symbols should be taken in a literal sense in relation to the current events that were happening in the Victorian Era of Europe when the poem was written. The Goblins on “Goblin Market” are to be thrown into a clump with the historically known Goblins of the Industrial Era. When a Marxist critical approach to literature is implemented on “Goblin Market”, it highlights the disparity between the poor and empowered, and that consumerism is a bad thing. A Marxist ideal is essentially literature reflecting those social institutions out of which it emerges and is itself a social institution with a particular ideological function. Literature reflects class struggle and materialism.             In literature, art and even modern examples of art and video games, Goblins are notoriously known for greed, evil, deception and often merciless. They are often described as intelligent, sneaky, conniving, and masters of trade. Often people are found at the mercy of Goblin bankers and traders. The Goblins nearly always attempt to gouge the customer for what they please. These Goblins are also untouchable. They have the means to avoid the law, and the power to ruin their pursuers.  The Goblins are a metaphor for capitalistic business men, and the exploitation of women by these capitalists. The Goblin men want her to buy their fruit, which is seen as a metaphor for consumerism . To get this fruit Laura has to sell her body, and purity, represented by the hair that she sells to the goblin men. Our protagonist’s social class plays a role in why they are at the mercy of these “business men”. They are at the mercy of their product because it is what is available, due to consumerism. The economically poor protagonists are at the mercy of the rich, acting as a metaphor to the...
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