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  • Published : October 1, 2014
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Mathematics has been a big problem among college students. Most of them tend to have difficulties in analyzing and solving math problems individually. Though there are some students who are not comfortable reviewing as a group, still there are numerous people who are supportive with this practice. Simply, because there are only few people who can easily understand the complexity of Mathematics.

According to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University, practicing group study has been found to improve the learning experience of college students. This is because group study offers the students an instructive learning experience. They can easily understand certain problem with the proper assistance of the other members who are more knowledgeable in that matter.

To support that, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University stated several benefits that students can get when joining a group study, not only for their academic progress but also for their personal growth and development, such as getting the questions answered and having new friends.

In the Philippines, students can’t deny that they really experience difficulties in Mathematics. This is why most of the Filipinos weren’t interested and fascinated in Mathematics. Though there are Filipinos who are good in Mathematics, still we will observed that they are few in numbers.

Being a BS-Mathematics student, numbers have been a part of our daily routine in college. That is why; we practice several techniques that will help in improving our mathematical thinking skills. And one of them is “group study”. In Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, mathematics subjects, such as College Algebra and College Trigonometry, are really one of the problems among the students. Because of that observation, the researcher was motivated to study and profile group study as a creative technique for the students to have a better understanding in Mathematics. This will be a great help for them to get their questions explained and answered.

Group study plays an important role in the student’s learning progress. Mostly, they put into practice this habit every time the students experience complexity with Mathematics. This research aim to profile group study as an effective learning environment for college students when dealing with math problems. This paper will find out if group study in Mathematics at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila will have an impact in the student’s learning and achievement. In relation to this, the researcher will focus on the use of group problem-solving to encourage the students in applying their mathematical thinking skills. More specifically, this research will intend to answer the following questions: •Do group study better than self-study in Mathematics?

What is the impact of group study approach in learning Mathematics? •How gender affects the students’ performance in mathematics using the group study approach?

All students that will be studied should be enrolled in College Algebra or College Trigonometry. The researcher will assume that group 1 and group 2 have the same thinking ability. •There will be a difference in the test result of Group I, who studies as a group and Group II, who studied individually. •Group study has a significant effect in the student's learning progress in Mathematics. •Group study deepens the understanding of students in Mathematics. •Group study is better than self-study in Mathematics.

Normally, group study serves as medium in understanding certain problems. It gives each member an opportunity to bring several possible questions on the group. This research will help the following:

Students that will practice group study will enhance their mathematical and critical thinking skills. This will not only for the improvement of their study and achievement towards...
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