Gun Control

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  • Published : August 11, 2013
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Gun Control is not the Answer
Karen Field
Granite State College

A man carrying two revolvers and two 9mm semi-automatic handguns calmly entered into the Dunblane Primary School. Two people quickly saw the firearms and tried to tackle the man; he shot them, and left them wounded as he continued his journey down the hall of the school. Finally the man had reached his destination, the gym, where a class of kindergarteners where having Phys. Ed, he pulled out his guns and started picking off the five-year olds one by one. The room was splattered with blood as young children broke like little porcelain dolls under the power of the guns. The blood continued to flow like a river of water, but the intruder never stopped shooting, he took careful aim to make sure he didn’t miss. The final result came when he shot the teacher who was shielding the children from his bullets with her own body. Once he killed her he killed the children that she was protecting. When he was finished in the gym he turned around and walked out, while passing another classroom he paused and started shooting again, as he walked through the hall to the courtyard. In the courtyard this cold-blooded killer ended his shooting spree by taking his own life. (Pederson)

In the final count, there where sixteen children that lay dead along with their teacher, another twelve children were wounded, along with the first two adults who met the shooter at the entrance of the school. Only one little boy in the gym made it through this horrific ordeal physically unharmed but sure he was mentally scarred because he was found hiding under the dead bodies of his best friend and another classmate this child’s name was Robbie Hurst (Pederson).

Gun Control is a very delicate issue with many different sides and viewpoints. On one side you have those who feel gun control is a necessary item for safety. Others feel that it is unjust to take away a person’s right to own a firearm. Those people also feel that...
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