gun control

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  • Published : November 4, 2013
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Fuente De La Fuente 1 Ms.Nelson
English 1301
April 10, 2013

The American Way

Gun Control. This is one of the most popular subjects to talk about nowadays. Ever since schools and movie theaters are being threatened by people with guns, society wants to ban guns just because they believe their to dangerous. It took a lot of shootings for people to act against the NRA and ban guns. But, its not the guns fault for all these shootings it’s the people committing the crime. The question I keep asking myself is, why now? The NRA argues that if we were to get more police out on the streets and catch more criminals then we wouldn’t be having this discussion about banning guns. It’s the same thing with owning a knife. Knives are not dangerous in the right hands. They can be harmless and used for something good or to defend yourself if the need is to arise. It’s the same thing with owning a gun. You can use them for all sorts or harmless things in the right hands. But, if you put a knife or a gun in a criminals hands well of course their going to do something foolish with it and especially if you put it in a person hands who is mentally unstable. Its common sense ..dont give or sell a gun to someone that intends to something bad with it. The gun is just doing its job. Its meant to shoot. It’s the person that is wielding the gun that is at fault.

De La Fuente 2

Gun Control is not a pleasant subject to talk about. I admit its sad about all these shootings that are happening and especially all these kids that had to die. There is not greater pain in the world than watching a kid so young die because of a bullet. But, that is no excuse to put the blame on guns. Instead of making such a scandal in trying to ban guns we should be focusing on the real subject at hand…How can we protect...
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