Gun Control

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  • Published : November 27, 2013
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Gun Control in America

In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, gun control has become an intensely debated topic. Many citizens believe that guns should be immediately banned while others feel the best course of action is to equip instructors with guns. However, those on each side of the issue believe that maintaining safety is the main priority. I believe the best course of action is not to simply take guns away from those who wish to do harm but rather prevent them from obtaining access to guns. Citizens should not have their guns taken away all together, but rather there must be stricter guidelines and more thorough checks to obtain a gun. Right now anyone without a serious criminal history and felonies can obtain a gun license with a right to carry if they take a eight hour class and pass a test. You can even have someone who was licensed from the mail come to your house and give you the test, with this how can the state be sure that this person was not a friend and just gave them the answers and allowed them to pass? How safe can someone who was certified in the mail be? Would you trust this person to be around you and your family with a gun? I feel the best way to keep America safe is to understand the mentality of its citizens. The main focus should not be on how to take away guns but rather how to better our mental health care system. It is a safe assumption to conclude that those who use random acts of violence to solve their problems suffer from mental illness. I think a mental test should be used for everyone who applies for a gun license and should be redone every couple of years to test their stability, this could possibly help identify a trigger for someone with mass murders on their mind. I think another solution that could help reduce tragic events like at the Connecticut elementary school would be you need to scan your license in order to buy ammo and anyone buying a large quantity should be detained and questioned. In the...
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