Gun Control

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  • Published : December 12, 2013
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Gun Control
Gun Control is People Control
For years gun ownership in America has been an extremely debated topic. Parties on both sides of the spectrum have argued why their beliefs are correct and should be implemented or not in today's day and age. The Four Fathers of the United States long ago decided that "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." (Constitution) Gun control policies implemented by the U.S. government that affect law abiding citizens’ right to own a gun should be rescinded and terminated. There have been many recent tragic events taking place, causing many people to question current gun control policies. However, throughout history if we should have full background checks on people who buy guns and place gun control on guns for where and who they are being sold to.

Gun free zones don’t lower crime rates or prevent mass shootings, so what do they do? Gun control allows self-centered politicians to exercise control over law abiding citizens through unconstitutional legislation that paves the way towards eroding the Bill of Rights at large. The attacks on the Second Amendment should concern you, even if you do not own a gun. The attacks on the Second Amendment will attack the full Constitution. For example, if the government can override the Second Amendment, why can’t they override any Amendment? The government responds to the events that the media broadcasts of the mass shootings in schools and movie theaters by blaming only guns. Anthony Gucciardi states that “former Obama Administration member Dan Bongino stated it correctly when he explained in a passionate speech that gun control is not about controlling guns.” (1) It is about controlling people. Gucciardi argues that it isn’t logical to think that destroying the Second Amendment and eroding our rights to own a weapon will not cause a political domino effect that leads to the dismantling of our Bill of Rights. It's instead an emotional response that says to ban the guns without logical thought. Anthony Gucciardi demonstrates that:

"You’re not supposed to ponder on why Batman shooter James Holmes traveled out of his way to the one movie theater that did not allow attendees to bring in their legal concealed carry weapons. You’re not supposed to ask about the fact that the Sandy Hook shooting occurred in one of the most extreme ‘gun free’ zones in the nation. You’re especially not supposed to investigate into why Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold was so afraid of the looming concealed carry law in the area. Instead, you’re supposed to emotionally react to the issue of guns. And from that reaction, your response is not supposed to be logical but emotional." (1)

Government isn’t the solution to our problem, government is the problem. This can also be referenced to when we talk about gun control and crime in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit has the second highest murder rate in the nation and it is mainly considered to be the most dangerous city in the United States. The solution to answer Detroit’s violence and crime isn’t more restrictive gun controls, it is exactly the opposite. The government tried gun control as a solution to controlling crime in Detroit but that miserably failed. Steve Curtis states “the reason is quite simple. Criminals don’t obey laws, register their guns, or bother getting permits.” (1)

The government and people still believe that if we implement gun control and force background checks before you are able to buy a gun that there will be less crime. In Kennesaw Georgia, all citizens are required to own at least one firearm and keep ammunition. As a result of this, Kennesaw has the lowest crime rate of any city its size in America. According to FBI crime statistics Kennesaw Georgia hasn’t had a fatal shooting in twenty five years since March 1982. Also another example that shows...
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