Gun Control Essay

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  • Published : April 27, 2014
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Researchers believe that stricter gun control laws can help curb the increasing violence in the United States. They argue that tighter control on hand gun sales and the banning of assault rifle would be beneficial to our society. Can new gun laws put an end to gun violence in the U.S., or do they infringe upon constitutional rights provided by the Second Amendment, and serve no purpose other than to take away guns from law abiding citizens?

"The U.S. has the highest rate of gun ownership and of gun homicide in the developed world, per a 1999 Harvard School of Public Health study" (White 1). Many surveys have also concluded that people feel less safe when members of their own community start to carry guns. Some people believe that the laws currently in place on gun control are too relaxed. "We don't have strict enough standards for who should possess a gun, and can legally possess a gun. But maybe more importantly, we really don't have systems that hold gun sellers accountable to make sure that they are only transferring guns to truly law-abiding people who are mentally competent" (Webster). Gun laws that went into effect in 1993, which include the ban on assault rifles have shown a decrease in gun related deaths in the United States. "Deaths from firearms in the United States dropped sharply, from almost 40,000 in 1993 to 29,700 in 2002" (Adams). Cons

Law abiding citizens who have the right to carry guns and do so, are less likely to be the victim of a crime, proving that defensive gun use is effective. Guns are used in self defense situations almost 2 million times a year. "Victims who use guns during crimes are less likely to be injured or lose property than those who use other resistance strategies or do not resist at all — and almost always without wounding or killing the criminal. Victim gun use does not provoke offenders into greater violence, nor does it result in offenders taking guns from victims and using them against...
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