Gun Control Ethics

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  • Published : March 22, 2014
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Christian Ethics
Gun Control
Gun Control in Schools
After the recent Sandy Hook Elementary shooting up in Connecticut, where twenty children and six adults were shot, the issue of gun control has been a much debated topic. Should be increase gun control? Should we allow teachers to carry firearms? What side effects will this have on our country? These are all questions that are raised when we think about gun control. There are pros and cons to both sides of gun control. Throughout this paper I will focus on gun control in schools and whether or not it would be beneficial to allow school staff to carry firearms throughout the schools and what problems are potentially going to be brought to the table.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) would probably be named the biggest supporters of allowing teachers to carry firearms. One question the president of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, proposed was “Why is the idea of a gun good when it is used to protect the president of our country or our police, but bad when it is used to protect our children in our schools?” That gun being carried by that teacher may be the only means of protection a child has from another gunmen in the building. But the facts tell us the more guns in society the higher the rate of violence in a country. The United States has some of the least strict gun laws of developed countries today and has some of the highest rates of crime related to guns. The U.S. has a murder rate that is six times higher than the average developed nation.

The key to having a positive culture is not to increase the amount of guns in circulation, but to limit the amount of guns says reports from the University of Delaware. Some of the more cost effective and peaceful routes to having safe school environment would be to hire more school counselors, increase parental involvement, provide gun safety programs for students, Gold Star Programs (reaching out to kids who have fallen through the cracks), and implement a district led threat teams. The more the school has a well-established relationship with the students the more they will be able to detect if a student is going to act out in violence. To keep outside gunmen from entering the building and shooting anyone inside schools should increase security to the highest levels. There should be a law enforcement officer at any unlocked door and all visitors should have to check in and given the okay past the officer.

The idea of arming teachers with firearms comes with all kinds of consequences. Some of these consequences include expensive training, liability, resistance of staff and public to firearms. One alternative weapon of protection is a new pepper spray gun made by Kimber, a known firearm manufacturer. This pepper spray gun has the ability to shoot up to fifteen feet, which would be pretty close to shooting across a classroom. It cannot be shot accidentally and is a gel like consistency not to affect those around the suspect. This is a non-lethal alternative to firearms. There is hardly any training involved to this method of protection and is able to be used by all. Even those who are very afraid of guns are not afraid of this squirt gun cousin.

Teachers with firearms make it hard for police on the scene to determine who the actual suspect. Carrying weapons around is also intimidating to children and may also have parents worried about the safety of their children. Kids are very curious and knowing a gun is present in the classroom could be very distracting to the students. Police are often called from frightened citizens in communities when they see people with handguns. The more firearms that are available to citizens, the more the rate of unintended shootings increases. In Accident Analysis and Prevention by Matthew Miller, PhD, Debhorah Azrael, PhD, and David Hemenway, PhD write about how approximately 50 people each day are unintentionally shot. They also found that a child under 15 years old...
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