Gun Control in the USA

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  • Published : November 15, 2013
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Gun Control in the USA
Gun Control in the USA
When people talk about the United States of America, gun ownership is always a popular topic. The Bill of Rights influences this country. It seems to give all the people enough rights who live on this land of freedom. Owning guns individually is one of their rights. It is different from other countries in the globe; the USA allows people have their own guns legally. Partially, people believe that guns could protect themselves and their families, and they have the right of self protection. But in recent years, many people were killed by private guns. Are private guns making people feel safe or getting people into danger? The President Obama tried to implement the gun control in the whole country after the shooting accident in Connecticut in 2012, but it seems to have so many oppositions. Should government control the quantity of guns? In fact, gun ownership is a symbol of America, and the government should not control guns at all. Guns are really beneficial to people in this country. Gun is the spirit of the United States. The right to bear arms has a long history in American tradition. From the time colonists settled the North American soil, Americans have held weapons to protect themselves. Armed citizen-soldiers won America's freedom from English rule more than two centuries ago. Partly because of this long-standing tradition, attempts to restrict a citizen's right to own a gun evoke strong emotions. When the Mayflower landed on American continent, the first group of immigrants faced the deserted soil and various beasts, weapons helped them survive. (Sandra M. 2009, p.1)Then, weapons played an important role in open up virgin soil in the west. Americans regard guns as their lives because they believe the guns can against to tyranny. The War of Independence is an example. At that time, American people realized that guns were the last shelter of protecting the rights of people. People have their freedom...
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