Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives by Stephen E. Wright: Article Analysis

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Bang! Bang! Pow! Pow!

"Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives" by Stephen E. Wright, was written in 2010. Wright is a blogger/author who is continually writing about current events or issues. He is also known for his book, Off Road: A Uniquely American Novel about God, Guns, and Big Trucks…and Family. In his article, Wright discusses seven different "common sense gun laws" promoted by anti-gun groups. He analyzes each suggestion one at a time and then proceeds to tear them apart, proving them to be nothing more than emotional pleas. He is out to prove to the reader that gun control laws really won't save lives, especially if they are founded upon "emotional rhetoric" (Wright). In a manner almost just as effective, a poster hanging outside a public office building uses a satirical manner to get its point across. Your eyes are drawn to a picture of a gun with a big red "X" drawn through it and to the right are the words, "No weapons allowed". If you keep reading, however, you will find written below, "Attention Criminals: This is a Defense Free Crime Zone - All law abiding patrons of this establishment have been disarmed for your convenience." It doesn't take much understanding to realize the poster is making a joke out of an anti-gun or gun-free zone. Stephen Wright's use of careful reasoning, evidence, and statistics to persuade his audience may be very different from the poster's use of dark humor; but they both effectively show the impracticality and inefficiency of gun control laws.

Wright brilliantly makes his arguments more effective by not targeting or bashing a specific group. Wright's intended audience really is everyone, not just an anti-gun group, or an uneducated citizen. Although he is debating some anti-gun group's claims, he repeatedly refers to the "average American" and "normal citizen" trying to widen his playing field a little. This allows him to persuade a much larger audience. He already knows what the views of the anti-gun groups are. He doesn't want people out there to not know how to back their beliefs or not be able to intelligently argue their point with someone who has an opposing view. Wright is tired of hearing emotional appeals to sway people's stances on gun control and tries hard to bring some common sense to the table. He uses some real hard facts to educate anyone who is willing to read the article.

One of the most effective strategies Wright uses in his writing is the way he organizes the layout of his arguments. He sets up his material in a manner easy to follow, then proceeds to knock down the faulty tales issued by these anti-gun groups. Wright dissects seven claims separately, first by stating the claim, and then by using a combination of evidence, statistics, and reasoning to falsify the claim. Throughout the article, Wright uses evidence to dock any claims made by these anti-gun groups. While discussing the concealed gun policy, Wright provides evidence of a law that has been put into effect but has yet to cause problems. The way he presents the evidence ultimately smashes the hypothesis of anti-gun group. The claim he is disputing states that allowing "normal citizens" to carry concealed weapons will end up causing a war zone with fights breaking out and daily shooting sprees occurring (Wright). The evidence he provides the reader with though, shows that with the forty states this law has been passed in, "there have been no explosions of crime, shootouts over parking spots, or road rage gunfights" (Wright). How can you argue with evidence that provides zero cases of incidents you are trying to predict? You can't! And that is why Wright includes this circumstantial evidence.

It's hard to argue with statistics though, and Wright knows that and brilliantly uses them to his advantage. Think that guns that can hold more ammunition equals more dead people? That's what the anti-gun groups want you to believe, but the statistics Wright gleans from well-respected reads such as...
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