Gun Control Script

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  • Published : April 21, 2015
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Why is the issue you are addressing important to society?
Recent events such as the, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Aurora Movie Theater shooting and the Chardon High School shooting have all raised awareness for gun control. It’s hard because most people either say “I want guns to be banned, but I don’t want to be defenseless” or “I don’t want gun control, but I want the violence to stop.” It’s a controversial topic that needs to be resolved.

First Viewpoint
Unlike the rest of my group, I do not believe in gun control. This video I’m going to show is a short explanation of why I feel this way and also shows a group that I guess you could say I follow.

Where the policy should go next
I believe our policy should stay the same. I agree with the restrictions on who can purchase for example, no one under 18, convicted felons or people who are mentally unstable. Like I said, every state should have these restrictions. But banning guns or even regulating them even more than they already are isn’t going to cause less people to die because of guns. A criminal doesn’t follow the laws, a law-abiding citizen does. Banning guns isn’t going to stop criminals from getting them. Let’s take a look at drugs (Cocaine, heroin, etc). These drugs are banned, but people all around the United States can still easily get these drugs. I could even myself get these drugs if I truly wanted to. Also, I don’t feel safe giving my right to have a gun away. I want to be able to protect myself from the government or anyone that harms the people. Giving away our guns gives the government even more power than they already have. Letting the government have control of guns allows them to control us.
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