Gun Law

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  • Published : November 5, 2013
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Topic Background
Some believe that the government should make gun laws stricter for the safety of them and their family. Others feel that that the gun laws should remain the same, because they don’t want their constitutional rights violated. What is the controversy surrounding this topic? The controversy is that the government believes that the world would be a safer place if the gun laws are stricter. Some feel that their rights would be violated, and the final group of people is the ones who are kind of on both sides. They want the laws to be stricter but they also care about their own rights. The government has to find a solution that will satisfy all three groups of people. They try to find balance amongst the group. Should the government strengthen the gun laws or will that violate citizen’s constitutional rights?

Crime has been taking place for centuries, it happens every day all over the world. There is no specific time to when gun violence actually started taking place. The gun crime has become a bigger problem as the years go by. Guns are easy to buy now days, due to the lack of strict background checks. The government wants to make it more difficult for somebody to purchase a gun, and then they will be able to lower the crime rate day by day. Proper background checks means that people who have mental problems will not be able to buy a gun even if they are of age to own one. Improper background checks lead to many of the gun crimes we have now. Example, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, where a mentally ill man was able to purchase a gun, which then went on to kill at least a dozen people.

As a citizen of the United States, you are entitled to certain rights. After the movie theater shooting that occurred in Aurora, citizens do not want any new gun laws even after the shooting because they feel that everybody has the right to own a gun for self-protection. Though many people don’t even own a gun, they still have the rights to bear arms...
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