Gun law

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  • Published : December 8, 2013
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It Was a Shot Heard ´round the World


resident Barack Obama wants to change the gun law to reduce the gun violence that has been troubling America for a long time. Obama wants to focus on gun sales, public health research, and school safety. Here comes the but how will America react to this? A Broken system You can go to your local supermarket and buy milk, ammunition, and a gun. This is not something that should not be on your grocery list. It is actually estimated that there are a total number of 310,000,000 guns in America which are held by the civilians. 1Out of 100,000 people in America there is a homicide rate of 4.7 murders.2 This has been such a big problem that new proposals on new gun control law are being debated. In the recent US gun debate Obama stated that he wants to reduce the killing by putting a limit on ammunitions. And doing background checks on people who are armed would make it a lot easier to report threats of violence so the police can take action before it is too late. About 40 % of people in America can purchase a gun with no background check. And this is a hole in the system which should be a concern since this explains a lot of the shootings and murders which are happening every day. A proud nation: The Second Amendment in the United States Constitution is part of the United States Bill of Rights that states that any American has the right to keep and bear arms. 3 America has taken this law to a degree where we see guns everywhere. We see the gun in the local supermarket, in movies AND in cartoons. America has a catch phrase that refers to a certain proud episode; “it was a shot heard ‘round the world” Which goes back to the American revolutionary war, but today it is a common phrase used in sports, social and cultural events. In the National Anthem we have...
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