Gun Laws Argumentative Essay

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  • Published : November 14, 2013
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Brandon Irizarry
Mrs. Mahaffey
December 1, 2012
Gun Laws and Violence
Each year, a number of people die from guns. The popular saying is “guns do not kill people, people kill people” which is true; however, guns are used to aid in violence and many would argue that eliminating guns through stricter laws would decrease violence. As the number of gun owners in the world increases the government and its citizens would benefit from implementing stricter regulations regarding the safe keeping of guns in the home. The lack of gun safety results in the ability to access these guns with distressing outcomes. While many individuals argue that guns need to be restricted within the United States, the real argument is for allowing the Constitutional right to bear arms while implementing stricter laws to ensure these firearms do not fall within the wrong hands. The Right to Bear Arms

America is formed on the information within the Constitution and the Amendments. The United States Constitutions Second Amendment gives the right to bear arms to every American Citizen. To deny citizens with the right to bear arms would be a form of taking away rights to citizens, rights that are what America is built on. Nevertheless, guns are one of the leading causes of death. As individuals fight for their rights to bear arms they fail to realize that some individuals use that right for harm even though other individuals may be responsible gun owners.

Firearms Laws, Rules, and Regulations
Firearms are available to anyone over the age of 18 without a record in most states. Though some states within America provide their own gun laws that consist of more restrictions on gun ownership other states lack these regulations. It is quite easy for an individual to get a license in one state, buy a weapon, and then move back to the original state with an illegal gun.

With so few restrictions in place the Government cannot defer criminals from buying guns legally or...
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