Gun Politics in the United States and Guns

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  • Published : July 30, 2013
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Did you know that guns are very dangerous if they are easily accessible to public? I usually read the newspaper online and watched the news on my computer when I went to study in America. There have been many gun cases in America where innocent people have lost their lives accidently to guns and to people with ill intentions. Therefore, I propose a ban on guns in all American CITIES.

First, I would like to introduce this person. Do you guys know who he is? He was a graduate from University of Illinois and graduated with a 3.949GPA. He was studying neuroscience in the University of Colorado for his P.hD. As you can imagine, how hard working and smart this person is. Now, I want to ask you guys if you know of the mass shooting at a theater in Colorado? As you can guess, the two are related. He was the murderer in the aurora mass murder case. He killed at least 12 people, and injured close to 60 others. How can a man hurt so many people effortlessly? It’s because guns were easily accessible to him. If it were any other weapon, like a knife, less people would be killed. How can you imagine a hard-working and smart person would shoot people in a theater and kill at least 12 people? You couldn’t, and because of America’s gun control laws you wouldn’t have a reason not to give him a gun when he applies for one. This person had no criminal record and received a good education. Now, you might think there is a low possibility of it happening in real life and you might never experience it in real life, but I have more gun cases that tell you otherwise.

More than 10 years ago, on a day like any other, students and teachers were being shot by Harris and Klebold, both are high school students at the same high school. 12 students and 1 teacher were killed, many were injured. How were they capable of this atrocious feat? Because they had access to guns!!!!!! They obtained one of their guns from a pizza shop employee for 500$. The pizza employee probably got his gun...
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