Guns in the us

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  • Published : October 16, 2013
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Guns in the U.S
The name of the primary source I have chosen to support the social issue of the ownership of guns in America is titled, "Gun Control in America: The Debate, the Facts, and My Solutions", written by, Charles W. Collier. The article looks at gun ownership and gun control in the U.S. as of 2013. This article also refers to recent, fatal shootings. Such as, the Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin, allegedly by neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman, the mass shootings in a Connecticut elementary school, and the Colorado movie theater murders. The Charles Collier presents a case towards the idea that such events are inevitable in the U.S. as long as a high number of guns are present and Americans accept the idea of a largely unlimited right to own guns. Collier addresses several claims pertaining to gun popularity and verifies his conclusions with research from various Universities’ and scientist. “Another claim that has gained an overwhelming amount of popularity is that the guns themselves are the cause of the violence in our country and that they need to be banned but once again the research does not support that.” (Collier 2013)  Collier also uses several experiments to bring proof towards his arguments against guns in America. For instance, an experiment was done at Harvard University about the mental health of individuals that commit heinous crimes, and the assumption was made that, “Persons with serious mental illness routinely become disengaged from community care because providers are not funded in a manner which permits them to provide the level and types of services needed to insure continuity of care.” (Baker, Gutheil 2011) This article provides a substantial amount of research and anecdotes that will provide a strong argument in the opposing view of fire arms in the United States. Another valued source pertaining to my research is an article titled " Wal-Mart: America's No. 1 Gun Source" The article discusses statistics related to...
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