handgun vs. no handgun

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  • Published : June 3, 2014
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Handgun vs. No Gun
Do you think it is appropriate whether people should own a handgun or not? The article “The Accessibility of Guns Protects Lives” by David M. Huntwork and “The Accessibility of Guns Lead to Gun Crime” by Alan M. Ruben both have significant perspectives regarding if it is secure or hazardous to own a firearm. There can be a debate of whether guns can protect our lives or can lead to gun crimes. There are several opinions stating that firearms are beneficial to own in one’s lives. In the article “The Accessibility of Guns Protects Lives,” written by David M. Huntwork informs us that gun protection should not be overlooked as a negative aspect, but instead as a positive source. David’s opening remark stated, “Empowering human to protect themselves and others against criminals makes perfect sense, and the more law-abiding citizens carrying guns, the safer we be” (Huntwork). It can be more or so assuring your protection, but also it can be a way of learning how to handle a gun, how to properly use it, and not to be fearful when a dangerous situation occurs. “The ability of a man to bear arms, whether his antagonist be foreign or domestic, a rogue government or a savage criminal, is a fundamental right of being a free man” (Huntwork). It does not matter who the person is, where they come from, or what their background is they should still be able to carry a firearm. Most Americans feel the right to ensure their protection, although we do have different sources for protection; many feel owning a firearm can secure them in different occasions that could possibly transpire. Although numerous of people view guns as a positive resource for protection, there are others who do not share the same viewpoints. In the article “The Accessibility of Guns Lead to Gun Crime,” written by Alan M. Ruben apprises us that firearms have one sole purpose and that is to cause harm, meaning committing an injury, homicides, or suicides. Most people believe that owning a...
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