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  • Published : September 24, 2013
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The most Special Day

My best birthday, started on a Thursday morning. It’s still 4 o’clock and I just had awoken. I assumed everyone were still asleep due to the silence in the house. I got out from my bed, took a shower with freezing water and got dressed up for school. Once I was dressed I headed for the kitchen to prepare my breakfast but before I could take a step towards the kitchen, I smelled something delicious.

Once I was in the kitchen I see my mother. I walk over to her. I see her cooking my favorite food with hot chocolate. After she served me with a plate of food and hot chocolate she kissed me in my cheeks and said “ Buon compleanno” this means happy birthday, she greeted me in Italian because she knows that my dream is to be in Italy someday. When I finished my breakfast my sisters had woken up and they come straight to me while handing a gift of bags and said “happy birthday”. Inside the bag were the chocolates that I love and a CD that has a video of my father greeting me a happy birthday. It was such a wonderful gift that I gave them a hugs and kisses for it.

I never noticed the time, I’m almost late to my first subject, I walked out the door and said “bye”. I felt really excited for what the day would bring me. I arrived at school and my teacher is absent on that day so I’m not late. I saw my classmates inside the room waiting to sing me my birthday song. Some of my classmate greeted me again after singing the song and others gave me their birthday gifts. Then we just waited until the school hour was over.

After the school hours, me and my best friends see each other at our meeting place called ‘bem-bem’. It’s a very popular in our school to wait your friends there in that place. I decided to go for a walk, so I can have the time to talk to them. We walked onto the street where there’s no too much people so we can feel that there’s only “us” in the world that time. They said that they wanted to take a picture with me so I let them....
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