Haroun And The Sea Of Stories Character Analysis

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  • Published : January 29, 2015
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1Name___Jameliah Salter_____________________________________

Introduction to Literature: Global
Character Response Form
(You may use this form if you wish. If you don’t use it, be sure to follow this format and include all the information asked for.)

Novel Title:Haroun and The Sea of Stories___________________________________________ Before completing this form, please see the sample Character Response on Blackboard

Identify, in a sentence or two, the character and the role he or she plays in the novel. This may be any major or minor character in the novel.

Soraya is Rashid's wife and also Haroun's mother. She leaves her husband with her neighbor Mr.Sengupta, which may be the reason for Haroun's turn of events.

Briefly describe the character and his or her relations with other characters (a solid paragraph or two). This is a more detailed factual description of your chosen character. You may combine your own factual description with quotations from the text. Give page numbers.

When Soraya is first introduced she was said to have a “sweet voice raised in song” (15). Readers are seemingly given an image of her being a sweet and loving wife and mother.. But things go terribly wrong once she no longer sings (16). It's also evident that Soraya was very vulnerable. She was so tired of being left home while her husband told fictional stories that Mr. Sengupta's criticisms of Rasshid soon enveloped her heart like the darkness of Khattam-Shud. It may be Mr. Sengupta's statement, “what's the use of stories that aren't true?” that finally got to the lonely Soraya (20). Soraya was a ticking time bomb that blew up. It's almost to be expected seeing as her family was the only happy one in a sad city.Even love for her son couldn't get her to stay. Although, just as things had turned around for Rashid and Haroun, Soraya had realized her mistake. Ironically, she described Mr. Sengupta the same as the narrator had described Khattam-Shud. Lover,...
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