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  • Published : December 15, 2013
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Memo Assignment
Linda Tompson
HCS 514
December-Monday 2nd, 2013
Lori Walker

Memo Assignment
TO: Gideon Cross, CEO
FROM: Linda Tompson, Office Manager
DATE: December 1st, 2013
SUBJECT: Current state of Pawhuska Medical Clinic (PMC)

Facility Design
Pawhuska Medical Clinic specializes in family medicine. PMC is one-stop clinic for comprehensive care and testing. PMC has incorporated both centralized and decentralized design. The centralized design starts with managerial procedures, regulations, and processes used daily to focus operations of each health care worker. These operations include accreditation, management, legal, and finances. The decentralized design of the PMC focuses on patient care. PMC welcomes positive attitudes and originality to improve the daily processes in patient care. PMC has increase efficiency, quality, and safety. PMC facility has been going through a remolding phases for over eight months. PMC offers six examination rooms. Each room permits the use of a handicap patient. PMC has an X-ray room and laboratory. The office in the front of the building with a front desk for convenient to the patients check-ins. Our front entrance has been remolded for installation of large automatic doors. PMC has one bathroom that has been expanded and fitted with a new toilet and sink. PMC has used antimicrobial material throughout the clinic PMC has also updated and installed fire and smoke systems throughout the clinic. PMC has been working closely with IT department to incorporate the use of electronic medical record (EMR) along with other new technology in the office and in the laboratory. With this new fusion of technology PMC has redesigned the workflow and staff functions. The use of E-prescriptions have given PMC positive benefits like faster arrival of prescriptions, convenient, legible prescription slips, and economic. PMC is conveniently located downtown Pawhuska and only a short distance...
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