Healing Hospital

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  • Published : April 1, 2014
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Healing Hospital: Daring Paradigm
Grand Canyon University
Spirituality in Health Care HLT 310V

Currently, Western Medicine in the United States is heavily evidenced based. The therapies and surgeries are validated by clinical trials, are proven to be effective in treating a given disease, and have often been successful at eradicating certain illness and diseases. With modern medicine, the common end goal is to cure. The healing hospital paradigm takes a different approach to medicine. It focus is on healing, on the recovery and wellness of the patient. It is a holistic approach to medicine; which encompasses the whole person: mind, body and spirit. There are there major elements of healing hospitals: a healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology, and a culture of “Radical Loving Care.” This paper will focus on those three components with their relationship to spirituality and the challenges that may result when creating a healing hospital and environment in the presence of modern medicine. One of the first components of healing hospital is the environment in itself. Laurie Eberst, President and CEO of Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Gilbert Arizona had first hand experience with a hospital environment that was not conducive to healing. As her mother was recovering from open heart surgery, “I would get her comfortable and positioned for sleep just as the intercom would announce that a doctor was on the phone or the loud floor cleaning machine would swoop next to her room, startling her and causing additional anxiety” (Eberst, 2008). It was this experience that shaped the formation of Mercy Gilbert Medical Center to become recognized as the number one Healing Hospital in 2008 (Chapman, 2009). One way to create healing environments is by simply having landscape scenes. A study by Ulrich (1984) compared heart surgery patients in intensive care units who viewed landscape those who did not. Patient who saw scenic...
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