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  • Published : March 29, 2015
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Benchmark Assignment

Grand Canyon University
Spirituality in Health Care

Benchmark Assignment
Healthcare is forever changing testing professionals to provide excellent care to the communities it serves. Seeing hospitals as healing environments and not as the customary place of curing an illness is an example of a present paradigm shift in health care now. By seeing hospitals as a healing environment instead of the current curing environment can change the way most moral issues and current work conditions are approached, perceived, and managed. Each member in a healing environment has a chance to heal and the responsibility to promote healing through their words, actions, and attitudes. This paper will discuss the three components of a healing hospital and their association to spirituality, challenges of building a healing hospital, and Biblical aspects of a healing hospital. Components of a Healing Hospital

The three components to a healing hospital include; a healing physical environment, the combination of building design and technology, and basic loving care. The communications and attitudes between staff, patients, and family member along with how patients are cared for in the environment for a healing physical environment. By making the atmosphere loving, compassionate, and aesthetically pleasing stress can be lowered, helping patients and families to cope with illness. Humans are composed of a spiritual nature along with a physical body. Meeting both the physical and spiritual needs by treating the patient in a holistic manner is the basis for this element. Health care professionals also benefit from a calmer, stress free environment. A peaceful, friendly atmosphere decreases the customary stressors linked with hospitals and illness allowing holistic healing to happen. Incorporation of technology and work layout uses the most up to date equipment available permitting added patient privacy and security, thus assisting in...
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