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  • Published : June 13, 2013
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Expedient Homemade Firearms



1. Silencer Tube (1-1/8” Diameter) 2. Muzzle Cap (1” Diameter Tube and Washer). 3. Stack of nine, ¾ ” Plumbing Olives and Washers, (Baffles). 4. Collar, (attached to inside of silencer tube). 5. ½” HT Bolt / Fine thread, (Barrel). 6. Barrel Gas Ports. 7. Trigger, ( ¼“ bolt and collars). 8. Sear and Spring assembly. 9. Striker, 5/16’’ (long series) Allen Key. 10. Breech Block and Firing Pin. 11. Rubber Band. 12. Barrel Retaining Nuts. 13. Silencer Retaining Screw. 14. Collar, (attached to inside of silencer tube).



5 6

14 13 12




2” x 1” Tube



8 9

Prototype Design Drawings.


Expedient Homemade Firearms

.22 Pistol Photo Gallery

Fully Assembled

Cocked and ready to fire!

Prototype Design Drawings.


Expedient Homemade Firearms

Close up of the striker and breech block

The bullets come out of this hole!

A long drawn out view!
Prototype Design Drawings.


Expedient Homemade Firearms


The grip acts as the receiver for all of the pistols component parts. It must be modified by cutting three holes into the grip front wall to the measurements supplied below. The grip consists of a 5-1/8” length of 2’’ x 1’’ tubing. The wall thickness of the tube should be 2.5mm. The holes are drilled to the following diameters: A= ½” (cut with hacksaw), B=5/16’’, C= ¼”. The upper most recess, ‘A’, is cut through one wall of the tube only. Holes ‘B’ and ‘C’ are drilled through both tube walls. Remove any burs from inside of the grip with a file. (Measurements in millimetres unless specified)

51 11mm



Cut top of grip so back edge is 11mm lower than front.

A. Barrel

B. Striker C. Trigger


Front view of grip

It is now necessary to modify the rear of the grip so it will accept the breech block.

Prototype Design Drawings.


Expedient Homemade Firearms


A slot measuring ½ “ x ½ “ is cut into the top rear of the grip to form the recess for the breech block, as shown below.




Rear view of grip

Prototype Design Drawings.


Expedient Homemade Firearms

With the necessary modifications made, the grip can be fitted with all the internal working parts. We will start by fitting the barrel. The barrel is made by modifying a 6” x ½” high tensile bolt. The bolt should have a minimum thread length of 2”. It may be necessary to increase the thread length using a thread cutting die if a bolt cannot be found with a 2” thread. The bolt head is first removed and the bolt trimmed to an overall length of 5 ½”. The bolt is bored out to form a bore diameter of 5.5mm. The chamber is cut using a 5.8mm drill, or a .22 chamber reamer, if available. Ideally, a section of .22 rifled barrel could be used, if fitted with a suitable thread. After machining the bore to the correct diameter, the improvised barrel is inserted into the barrel recess and bolted to the grip using two nuts. The outer nut being a flange nut, if available. Flange nuts seem hard to come by but an ordinary nut will suffice. With the barrel fitted, a gap of 9mm should exist between the breech face of the barrel and the inner wall of the grip. This gap will accept the breech block in due course. If necessary, the gap can be increased or decreased by adjusting the barrel lock nuts. Any adjustment will not be required until the breech block is fitted. Two holes, 3.5mm in diameter, are now drilled through the barrel in the positions shown below. The first hole is drilled 1 ¼” from the muzzle. The second hole, 2 ¼” from the muzzle. The holes should be in as accurate alignment with the bore as possible. These two holes act as gas ports to allow the barrel to be fitted with a homemade integral silencer. 9mm Gap GAS PORTS

Thoroughly tighten the...
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