how far do you agree that the play 'much ado about nothing is a comedy?' (only read up to act 3)

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  • Published : November 8, 2013
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Shakespeare clearly signals throughout act 1 that this play is a comedy. To what extent do you agree?

I do agree in some ways that this play can be perceived as a comedy the plot of the play has two classic Shakespearean ways that this is classed as a comedy these being nobody dies in the play and the other one being there are marriages. Also another way we can tell that this is a comedy: the play is funny. I can understand how some people may perceive it as being a romance because the play is technically centered on love never the less the love is more funny than romantic for example with all the bickering between Benedick and Beatrice and the naive ‘love’ between Claudio and her. One of the ways that this can be seen as a comedy is the love hate relationship between Beatrice and Benedick In the first scene Beatrice say’s ‘I pray you, is Signior Mountanto returned from the wars or no? ‘ This can be seen as quite humorous as even though she is insulting him and trying to mock him by calling him ‘signior mountano’ it also shows that she is concerned about him the most as he was the first person that she asked about. From this the audience can infer that there may be tension between Beatrice and signoir Benedick never the less there could be a ‘crush’ between the two of them which would make the audience laugh as she 'mock’s' him but the audience could probably tell that she has a ‘crush’ on him which would also be humorous. although The word ‘pray’ has he connotations of; begging, serious, wanting to know etc. this could be perceived as being sarcastic as saying ‘pray’ is using hyperbole and I think Shakespeare used this to make it sound exaggerated and as though she was being sarcastic and acting as though she wasn’t bothered never the less it gives the audience a hint that she may be a little concerned considering he was the first person she mentioned when she found out that they had come back from the war which again would be funny to the audience in...
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