How Psychologists Explain Human Behavior

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  • Published : January 15, 2010
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What are some of the ways that psychologists attempt to explain human behavior? Psychologists attempt to explain human behavior by nature versus nurture. It is believed that environmental and genetic influences in some ways shape out behavior in how we are learn and motivate ourselves. One of the major debates within the field of psychology is the degree to which nature versus nurture shapes human behaviors and traits. What comprises our nature? Nature is genetic factors such as eye color, height, race, and even medical conditions. How would you define nurture?

Nurture would be environmental influences such as growing up in wealth versus being poor. Another example would be growing up in the city versus the country. How would you describe the interaction between genetic potential, environmental influences, and personal choice? Genetics can limit your personal choices in life. A good example of this is someone with a heart conditions wanting to be a navy seal. Environmental influences can also limit your personal choices in life. A good example of that is someone who wants to be a major league baseball player for the state of Tennessee. Problem there is Tennessee does not have a major league baseball team. In your opinion, is biology destiny? Explain why or why not. Yes and No, We are all destined to die and as our biological clocks are ticking isn’t it out destiny to die. Not that I am trying to be morbid but brutal honesty can be a bit painful. The reason I also say no is my grandmother is a diabetic and her mother before that. My grandfather is also a diabetic. My mother is not a diabetic and neither am I.
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