How similar are china and japan

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  • Published : January 18, 2015
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In this essay I will answering the question how similar are China and Japan also I will comparing the population, economy, landscape and environment of these two countries. China and Japan are both located in Asia. Japan is an island that is located in East Asia. It is in the Pacific Ocean and is east of China, the Koreas, and Russia. It is also south of Taiwan and The Republic of China is bordered on the north by Mongolia and Russia. The north east border is Korea and to the west of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Human Geography – Population

China and Japan both have problems in managing their populations but in different aspects. China has an issue with their birth rate however Japan has an issue with their death rate since they have an ageing population. As you can see by the graph there is a large amount of people living in Japan over the age of 60 years old. This is because Japan has a lower mortality rate therefore people are dying at much older age. On the other hand China population growth has been slowed by the one child policy, in effect since 1979. The one-child policy, established in 1979, meant that each couple was allowed just one child. Benefits included increased access to education for all, plus childcare and healthcare offered to families that followed this rule. The problems with enforcing the policy are those who had more than one child didn't receive these benefits and were fined. The policy was keenly resisted in rural areas, where it was traditional to have large families. The impact it has had on the population is that the birth rate in China has fallen since 1979, and the rate of population growth is now 0.7%. The negative impacts - due to a traditional preference for boys, large numbers of female babies have ended up homeless or in orphanages, and in some cases killed. In 2000, it was reported that 90 per cent of foetuses aborted in China were female. As a result, the gender balance of the Chinese population has...
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