How to attract a girl or a boy of your dream?

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  • Published : October 8, 2014
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How to attract a girl or a boy of your dream?
One of the most difficult issues in our life is how to attract a girl of your dream; However, There are some factors to help you to obtain what you want. Firstly, mention about your appearance. It is really important to attract opposite sex with appearance because this is the first impression which determine your success. For example, when you appear with good looking, it is easy to approach your dream girl. Secondly, be confident and strong. According to researchers, for boys, strong confidence gives them 90% of attraction to girls. Furthermore, this is a special charm of boys. For example, a girl feels safe when she goes with a confident and strong boy. Thirdly, be a funny boy. It is an essential characteristic because not only weaker sex but also most of people like a person who has sense of humor. Moreover, a girl always loves a boy who makes her laugh every day. For instance, if you can make a girl in a sad status laugh, she will forget what make her depressed. As a result, she feels impressed and likes you more and more. Finally, keep your smile. Boys with an elegant smile make the heart of girls nostalgic. This also shows that they are really approachable and friendly to everyone. You can compare a smile boy with a taciturn boy and you can see that most girls like a smile boy and these it is easier for them to have a lover. To summarize, you should do special things which is not similar to everyone and be based on what are listed above. Therefore, you can surely attract your dream girl.
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