Human Person

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  • Published : August 31, 2013
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According to the statement given by the two famous contributors in the world, namely as, Aristotle and Boethius, a human being is a reasonable person which is able to find out, rationalized, and apply what he/she knows. Human person is a substance of spiritual and physical behaviour and has its own characteristics which one of it is FREE.

We, human are brought up by our parents and grew up freely. It’s a fact that all of us have a freedom since the day we were born. We have the liberty to make our own decisions, to do or do not, a certain actions. We are free to make our own choice, to know the good things or right things even the bad one, but for every actions we will do, we have a heavy responsibilities because freedom can be abused by those who don’t know how to use it.

This trait builds up our own and is one of the expressions of the utmost well-being.

Filipino for Its Values
We, the Filipinos are known for its “Value System” which shows the exceptional assemblage of our consistent ideologies, moral codes, etiquettes, and ethical exercises, cultural and personal values that are promoted by our civilization. This system arises from our culture or the way of how we live, our distinctive way of becoming human in this particular place and time.

Filipino Values are shared theory of what is good, right, or important. It truly guides man’s behaviour and actions as he relates himself in most circumstances of life. Two of the Characteristics System of the Filipinos are listed below: SHAME (HIYA) is very common to the Filipinos. It controls to the huge scope the behaviours of the individual. Most likely, we, is typically reliant on what others will utter, imagine, and do. Shame makes us say “NO” from what have been requested to us even it is not in favour of our will. Filipinos always go beyond the great lengths in order for one not to be ashamed. Shame has an enormous influence on one’s behaviour for one will do everything, though it’s...
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