Humorous Taco Bell Commercial

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  • Published : November 3, 2013
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The commercial starts off in the retirement home with the nurse coming into the room to say goodnight to the old man. The old man pretends he’s going to sleep, but he gets out of bed, sneaks out and hops in a car where his friends are waiting. The commercial gives an appeal to emotions (pathos) by using old people to portray teenagers which makes it humorous and using the song “We Are Young” in Spanish which is ironic. After hoping into the car, the old people head out for a night on the town. They begin the night by going night swimming in a random pool in which they later get yelled at for. The next scene has his friend lighting fireworks outside of someone’s house and obnoxiously laughing at what just happened. These two scenes are fantastic. It is just hilarious to watch old people doing something a teenager would do. Towards the middle of the commercial, the old people are in a club dancing. One old man is doing the robot, one old woman is dancing by the DJ, another old woman is growling at the camera, one old couple is “hooking up” in the corner, and one old woman is coming out of the bathroom stall with a random man—with a lipstick mark on his cheek. Not to mention there are foam spraying everywhere in the club. The club scene also adds the sex to this commercial. There’s one second where there’s someone young dancing with a bathing suit-like top and her thin, bare stomach is showing. It adds to the theme of the song, “We Are Young”. The commercial continues and the gang are driving crazily and disturbing the public by putting their bare chest up the glass where people are eating dinner. They then continue on their wild night by getting a tattoo. They end the night by driving up to taco bell to get a late night snack as the cops passes by but doesn't stop. This is a great moment because the cops cannot do anything because they aren't doing anything wrong and the fact that they are old. If it had been a bunch of teenagers, the cops would have stopped....
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