Impact of Cyberbullying

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  • Published : May 19, 2014
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Scholarship Essay on Cyberbullying
Bullying affects us all, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do. Bullying is referenced as a verbal or physical altercation between two or more people. The bully puts down the victim and makes him or her sad and makes them feel less of themselves. There are three types of bullying: verbal, physical and cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when a person uses a social media website to torment another person. Which to me is very wrong, cyberbullying should be put to an end and stopped at all cost. Cyberbullying through technology and social media means that bullying is no longer limited to schoolyards or street corners. Cyberbullying can occur anywhere and anytime by email, texts, cell phones, and the internet with potentially hundreds of people involved. For those who suffer from cyberbullying, the effects can be devastating, leaving you feeling hurt, humiliated, angered, depressed, or even suicidal. Bullies can torment their victims 24/7 and the bullying can follow the victim anywhere so that no place, not even home, ever feels safe, and with a few clicks of a button the humiliation can be witnessed by hundreds or even thousands of people online. In middle school I was a product of cyberbullying I had some peers who hacked a Facebook page of mines and use to post degrading and nasty rude statuses about me to make it seem like I was talking about myself. I never went and told anyone but one of my friends got concerned because people started bothering me asking me questions about it and they went and told one of my teachers and got the kids suspended. Some kids are just like me they would have never told and let it get to them. To sum up my thoughts, Cyber Bullying should be stopped because it is wrong to talk about or humiliate another person. Also it leads people's thoughts to suicide and depression. Our generation of youth is dying because of bullying. Put yourself in the shoes of the kids that are being bullied, it would...
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