Impact of Portuguese on Tokugawa Japan

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  • Published : May 13, 2014
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In 1542, one of the ships of Portuguese was driven off to Japan due to the strong wind. To Japanese, Portuguese were known as Nanban, meaning Southern Barbarians. However, the arrival of Portuguese made a huge difference on Japan, especially on Japanese culture. The impacts of Portuguese on Japanese culture are the arrival of Christianity, trade, warfare and language. Firstly, one of the impact of Portuguese on Japanese culture is the arrival of Christianity. Christianity was first introduced to Japan by a Portuguese Jesuit missionary, St. Francis Xavier. The Portuguese Jesuits thought that the training of Japanese priests was very important. Also in order to increase the number of Catholic images in Japan, Portuguese Jesuits founded an academy in Japan to train the Japanese artists. As a result, thousands of Japanese believed in Christianity. This shows that Portuguese impacted the Japanese; without Portuguese’s arrival, Japan would not have known anything about Christianity, and that would not cause any Japanese people to believe in that religion. Secondly, another impact of Portuguese on Japanese culture is the trading between Portugal and Japan. When Portuguese arrived Japan, they traded goods for the Japanese silver. European-style dishes and furniture were taken back to Portugal after they were decorated with Japanese gold and silver dust. This reveals another way of Portuguese impacting the Japanese culture. The goods that Japanese traded for the Japanese silver were used in Japan, which affected the daily articles Japanese used in Japan in that time period. In fact, there are some Portugal designs on some Japanese goods. Thirdly, another impact of Portuguese on Japanese culture is warfare. When Portuguese first arrived in Japan, Japanese welcomed them because of the all guns they had. In 16th century Japan was involved in many civil wars so they were impressed by what Portuguese showed them. For example, firearms were m introduced to...
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