Impact Of The Globalization Process

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  • Published : December 11, 2014
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Impact of the Globalization Process
Written by: Sana Alzahrni (20130406)
Written to: Edwin Maclellan
Comparative Development
Cape Breton University
Sunday, March 16, 2014

Impact of the Globalization Process
The globalization process is truly an unprecedented wave that is rapidly influencing world systems and affairs. The rudimentary ways of doing things are being replaced by the 21st century policies aimed at improving human development. Globalization is opening opportunities that encourage global corporation and integration, hence widening the prospects of human development (Passaris, 2006). The unparalleled globalization trends are surfacing great prospects in the economic, political, social and cultural realms. The conventional geographical barriers have been broken, and nations are reaping immense benefits of a globalization arena, which is enhancing relations between countries. In other words, it is becoming explicitly clear that countries are influencing one another in the political, social and business sectors. Certainly, globalization is having a positive impact on countries and regions around the world. The process is initiating inter-global affairs that are resulting into massive positive effects in today’s world.

Of course, there are disparities between countries in relation political, economic and technological abilities. Developed countries like the US, and Western European countries are greatly advanced in their economic and political endowments (Passaris, 2006). However, it is notable to assert that globalization is bridging the gap between the most powerful nations and the developing ones. Countries in the south are taking advantage of the myriad of opportunities unearthed by globalization, in order to develop their internal structures and foreign relations. China, for instance, is an emerging global powerhouse that has capitalized on globalization to influence global affairs.

In spite of the remarkable trends of increasing global interrelations and their benefits, there are countries that are still lagging behind in the quest for economic expansion. Third world countries are being affected adversely because of their lack in fundamental resources to push them forward. Powerful nations are taking advantage of the globalization process to deprive third world countries of the much-needed thrust in global enterprising (Osland, 2003). Evidently, the future of globalization is bright, but much needs to be harnessed to enhance global human development and empowerment.

Globalization impact on human development
Indeed, I believe that globalization is having a positive effect on human development around the world. Of interest though, it is pertinent to assert that the Human Development Index between countries has not been the same. According to the Human Development Report (2013), Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia reported the lowest Human Development Index in 2012; (0.475) and (0.558) respectively. The global average HD1 was 0.694; which revealed progress as far as human development is concerned (Human Development Report, 2013). Convergence of resources through globalization has availed much progress, both in the developed and developing world. Life expectancy, access to education, trade relations and utilization of resources has increased in the last ten years (Human Development Report, 2013). This is a clear indication that globalization is enhancing the prospects of human development in the global landscape. Governments and institutions are continually investing in globalization to trends in order to reap the massive benefits associated with the process. Creation of jobs, improved education standards and political integration are factors fueled by globalization to impact positively on human development. Globally, people are coming together in a universal objective; to participate liberally in processes that improve their lives....
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