Industrial Revolution Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Industrial Revolution Persuasive Essay

The benefits of the economic and technological advances gained during the Industrial Revolution justify the ill treatment of workers during the time period. Industrialization changed the way in which many products, including cloth and textiles, were manufactured. The revolution greatly affected the way people lived and worked. This revolution helped to bring about the modern world we know today in many ways. In 1700’s British had been the first nation to industrialize. From the mid 1700’s British economy prosper by trading slaves, the business class accumulated capital, or wealth to invest in enterprises such as shipping, mines, railroads and factories. Wealthy landowners bought up all the land and enclosed their land with fences allowing them to cultivate larger fields called enclosures. This caused the enclosure movement, which put most small farmers out of work causing them to move to cities. This movement to cities is known as urbanization, which gave Britain a large population of workers. Britain also had many natural resources and an expanding economy to support industrialization, or the process of developing machine production of goods. The resources needed to provide these goods and services were called means of production, which included land, labor, and capital (wealth). Industrialization lead to a huge number of technological advances in that period. The rate of industrial growth year by year as an economic goal in the United Kingdom. Natural sources was fulling the industrialization causing it to increase annually . Since 1781 to 1913 the rate of industrialization growth to a hundred percent of production. Many workers of the working class lived in small, dirty shelters where sickness was widespread. With the introduction of steam, factory conditions became worse. Machines injured workers. Many factory owners wanted to get the cheapest labor possible. To do this, factory owners hired...
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