Inside Job

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  • Published : February 23, 2014
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Inside Job the movie
Is hard to watch a documentary like this one and not feel angry and frustrated to know that the reason we are in the deep mess we have could have been prevented if a little supervision would have been implemented and the government auditors would have done their jobs with some ethics. Is also true that money is out there for the smart to get and these CEOs used their power and intelligence to acquire big amounts of wealth that affect our economy greatly. Objectively in my opinion it is a great eye opener that gives regular viewers a close up of the financial sector and how we got to the mess we have. Inside Job documents the chain of reasons leading to the turmoil of the global financial crisis in 2008. About 2008, a wildfire of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and unemployment spread from the United States everywhere the globe as major corporations in the global financial services industry crashed and burned. Part of it is going to center around sorting out the facts of the matter. It’s hard to tell just from watching it how much of the movie was an outstanding explanation of compound issues, and how much was an over-simplification. In my opinion I believe the story the movie narrates is accurate at a mile-high view and much messier near the ground, which in part clarifies how something like this can happen in the first place. In the middle of it, it’s a lot tougher to see. One of those mile-high truths is that the finance sector, by and large, doesn’t have a strong moral scope, extending from the CEOs down to the analysts. It’s predominantly bad in finance because there’s so much opportunity, but in my personal understanding it is very easy to graduate from a top university without learning a thing about ethics and morals, which leads to a bunch of bright young people entering the real world without any societal inoculation against that kind of corruption. Beginning with the 1970s, Inside Job covers a series of modifications in the...
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