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  • Published : August 12, 2014
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Essay: Globalization & South Africa2

IntroductionPage | 1
The term 'globalization' gives rise to a lot of different meanings and interpretations. Globalization has its own negative and positive effects on the world today. It has opened the free markets which enables trades between countries, and therefore increases the living standards in these particular countries. However, there are still some developing countries that have fallen behind and have not kept up with the pace of change of development. It has had many impacts both negative and positive on South Africa and its people.

Globalization & South AfricaPage | 2
As an emerging democracy, in the past South Africa had to contend with the demands of both national and international issues. This included rising unemployment, poverty and inequality. At the same time, South Africa had to become a contender in the globalised world of capital, trade and changes in technology. The free market that has been created by globalization has allowed for less developed countries to learn from more developed countries, therefore allowing people to advance and succeed economically. Globalization affects South Africans lives in so many ways. Most times it seems we are a land that is stuck between our interesting yet difficult past while trying to move forward to embrace all that the future could hold. Often poorer countries that are not connected to people globally, are unskilled due to...
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