Interview Paper

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  • Published : February 5, 2014
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Jason Carver
Professor Painter
Interview Paper

When applying for a job one of the questions will most likely be “Are you good at talking to people?” Most applicants will always just click yes in hopes of that increasing their chances of getting the job they applied for. Once they get job they realize that it is sometimes a lot harder to talk to people than they thought. They always think to themselves that they wished they had better people skills. Having good communication skills in the work place is essential at every job. What is the point in having a job if you aren’t going to be able to comply with the customer or clients needs throughout the day or be able to communicate with your co-workers on the time you come into work and all the little things. So when asked to interview a person that works in the field that I am studying. I chose to interview my Teacher Mrs. Chasity Brannaham. She started out as a student like you and me and eventually becoming an officer for the Lakeland police department and then she became a Lawyer for the State Of Florida. I wasn’t able to sit with her face to face to conduct the interview so for the purposes of this paper the interview was performed via email. I asked Mrs. Brannaham a series of questions and she answered them to the best of her ability. Q: How important do you think communication skills to be for your job? A: In the legal field, good communication skills are essential.  To be able to articulate and orally or by writing express a position to a judge, opposing counsel, or client is absolutely essential. Q: How much do you feel your communication skills contribute to the effectiveness and/or success in your job? A: I feel that my success as an attorney is completely based on my ability to effectively communicate.  Absent that ability, I would not be effective at all in the legal field. Q: Do you think a person with poor communication skills would do well in your field of work? A:  I absolutely...
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