Introduction to Marketing P6

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  • Published : February 8, 2011
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Develop a coherent marketing mix for a new product or service.

The target audience I am trying to capture is the whole of North West Kent College. The reason I am trying to capture the whole college is to maximise profits for my business which will then in turn eventually allow me to expand my business.

The new service that I am going to start is a café just off of the North West Kent Dartford college campus. This service I will be bringing to the college will be made so that people who wish to spend low amounts of money on a breakfast/lunch for people of all health ranges.

This service will not limit its customers to only people that would like to eat healthy or unhealthy I will have a varied menu for everyone who wishes to have an enjoyable breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The price of an average meal within my establishment will vary depending on what type of food that the customer wishes to purchase; if a customer wished to purchase a full breakfast then they would have to pay more than a customer that wishes to buy a salad lunch. However, the prices will not be extremely expensive as I do not want to lose the interest of the customers that cannot afford to pay for the more expensive meals. My unique selling point will be that I will do a meal deal at lunch time between 11o’clock and 2o’clock for £1.99, I will do this as physiologically customers will think it’s more of a bargain as it will be a lower price than £2. This will include something off of the menu with chips, and a drink. The reason that my prices are so low is that I have looked at other cafés and have found that they are charging a bit more than I am. This is called competitive pricing. As I am trying to gain an edge on the other competitors I will allow half a pint of beer to be on the menu, however age still applies. Also there will be a healthy menu that will comprise of a fruit salad with a healthy drink, this will then lead me into an entirely new market...
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