Is the Foreign Debt Problem for Bangladesh

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  • Published : September 18, 2013
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Is Foreign Debt a Problem for Bangladesh?
By ShourvMaruf1, April 2013 | 13 Pages (3,055 Words) | 135 Views| Report |

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Is Foreign Debt a Problem for Bangladesh? Part-A Foreign debt in Bangladesh Introduction: External debt is one of the sources of financing capital formation in any economy. Developing countries like Bangladesh are characterized by inadequate internal capital formation due to the vicious circle of low productivity, low income, and low savings. Therefore, this situation calls for technical, managerial, and financial support from Western countries to bridge the resource gap. On the other hand, external debt acts as a major constraint to capital formation in developing nations. The burden and dynamics of external debt show that they do not contribute significantly to financing economic development in developing countries. In most cases, debt accumulates because of the servicing requirements and the principal itself. In view of the above, external debt becomes a self-perpetuating mechanism of poverty aggravation, work over-exploitation, and a constraint on development in developing economies. Public borrowing can be seen by private investors as a warning signal of the government becoming bankrupt within the foreseeable future. They may also fear that government will impose higher taxes in future in order to facilitate the repayment and servicing of the loan. In that case private investors will become less enthusiastic to invest. However, policy makers have to know whether public borrowing is followed by any crowding- out effect on investment,...
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