Japanese Culture Facts and Trivia

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  • Published : June 15, 2013
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Japanese Culture Facts and Trivia
1. What is the official national flower of Japan? 
a) Cherry Blossom b) Chrysanthemum c) Plum blossom d) Not yet declared e) a or c 

2. In Japanese culture, who should be given chocolates and gifts for Valentine's Day?  a) The man b) The woman c) Everyone d) Old people only e) The Japanese don't celebrate Valentine. 

3. True or False. Most streets in Japan do not have a name. 

4. What symbol is prominently featured on the Japanese national flag?  a) An eye b) Chrysanthemum flower c) Red sun d) Blue moon e) Wooden wheel 

5. Japan is plagued with high suicide rates? What are the two most popular suicide methods in Japan?  a) Gas poisoning, hanging b) Gun shot, poisoning c) Drug overdose, jumping off building d) Jumping off building, hanging e) Gun shot, drug overdose 

6. What is the Japanese term for cherry blossom? 
a) Ume b) Yamabuki c) Sakura d) Kobai e) None of the above 

7. Japan's population is estimated to be around 
a) 25,000,000 b) 50,000,000 c) 100,000,000 d) 200,000,000 

8. The Japanese form of comics or printed cartoon is called  a) Anime b) Manga c) Oekaki 

9. The first Japanese novel was titled 
a) Tale of Genji b) Naruto c) The Twelve Kingdom d) The Samurai's Code 

10. The famed Japanese dish sushi is composed mainly of 
a) fish, sweet egg b) seafood, vegetables c) rice, vegetables d) fish, rice e) a or d 

11. The indigenous religion of the Japanese is 
a) Buddhism b) Taoism c) Christianity d) Confucianism e) Shintoism 

12. What is the term used to refer to obsessive fans of anime, manga, and video games?  a) Otaku b) Anime addict c) Comic geek d) Sensei e) None of the above 

Answer Key: 
1)d 2)a 3)True 4)c 5)d 6)c 7)c 8)b 9)a 10)d 11)e 12)a 

Expert - 10 or more correct 
Intermediate - 7 to 9 correct 
Novice - less than 7 correct
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