The Fifth Quest: Review

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Jeremy Kassissieh
The Fifth Quest Review
It’s new, it’s realistic and it’s an amazing story that will raise your expectations. Puffin books presents to you, The Fifth Quest. This fantastic book has to definitely be one of my favourites. I really enjoyed how this fantastic writer Debra Oswald, tried to express her extraordinary ideas. Before I read this book, I never really liked books of this genre. But something changed; this book has made an impact on my interest because of the way it is written, it is very different to other books. This book would be classified in the dramatic genre. This novel is about two ordinary girls, who are die-hard fans of “Quests”. So Nadia, a wishful actress forces Rosie to come for her support. Rosie is amazed when she scores the dream role of being Maya, who is the apprentice of Ashtari. As a result, Rosie soon becomes a major star and starts to adapt to show business. She and Nadia’s friendship is wearing out and they soon realise that there is no communication between them. But Rosie discovers that show business is cruel at times. And she finds herself wrapped in misery. But through all of that pain Rosie is guided by her friends and mother. Rosie manages to restore her life back to its genuine state, including her friendship with Nadia. Through the book you are taken on a journey of the actual show and reality. This book is written so well that it makes every use of your own imagination. There are many unique themes that run continuously throughout this book. Some of these themes include, jealousy, trusting others, betrayal and friendship and its importance. In this brilliant novel, these themes are explored rapidly. Jealousy, in the story would be classified as the main them. Jealousy is played when, ‘Anita Hardy tries to get rid of Rosie. Anita is very jealous of Rosie starting to build up fame, so she talked Rick La Spina (producer of the Quests) to cut Rosie’s scenes short.’ Jealousy is played, where ‘Nadia was...
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