John Updike Perfection wasted

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  • Published : October 4, 2014
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Quality of life

John Updike’s poem “Perfection Wasted” is a about death and what happens when our loved ones have passed and how their individualistic style can never be replaced. The poem consists of literary terms such as setting, figurative language, visual imagery and extended metaphor. The speaker helps the reader understand through comparing life as a stage, in which we create these unique qualities , “our own brand of magic”, which can never be understudied by any other.

I chose this poem because of personal experience. It brings back memories of my brother who passed away from Cancer. He was an amazing person, always full of life. His death brought back many memories of our child hood, the laughs the humor. I think back to us running around as kids, summer breaks, Christmas, and all the best times of our lives. He’s sense of humor was one of a kind, he was indeed the star on the stage and us his audience. These are moments in life that could never be replaced. Often I would lose myself in thought, and wonder who would help fill his shoes. Just as he came he was gone, as if he never existed. Everything that he worked for or lived for was gone. Over time you look for ways to bring joy back into your life, to turn the pain into happiness. I remember my sister coming home with a puppy a couple months later. The puppy helped for a while but in the end the house was the same. It didn’t change the fact that he was gone nor did the puppy replace him.

I recently had my first child, Jose. I named him after my brother. Everyone was ecstatic about his arrival. After his birth, everyone talked about how much my son looks like him, or how he has his smile. We found ourselves comparing pictures trying to compare him to my brother. I realized that although we felt the presence of my brother in my son, he didn’t replace him. The moments we shared could never be relived again, not even through my son. My mother expressed to me that my son fills...
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