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  • Published : October 24, 2013
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He was probably looking for the "Indies" which may be current day Indonesia or Malaysia, or India or China. He was looking for the places where the Europeans got spices, which was primarily south and southeast Asia.

He discovered the Americas right in the middle of what he thought was an empty ocean. He may or may not have figured out he was not in Asia, I'm not sure when they did. Since he may not have ever seen people from Asia, including India or Indonesia, etc. and Native Americans (from any part of North, South America or the Caribbean) were Asian in origin thousands of years earlier, from what he knew they were in Asia.

Whether he knew where he was or who figured it out, it did not take long for the Spanish and others to figure out there was 'gold in them thar hills' to use American slang. And there were new foods, including peppers and other spices; and a very valuable commodity in those days, slave labor. Also new 'souls' for the Catholic Church to 'save'. (And the Europeans to exploit)

Columbus sailed west in search of a sea passage to India. He had two goals: open trade routes for Spain and bring the word of Jesus Christ to the non-Christians he expected to meet. He sailed with three ships (the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria) and on his first trip made landfall somewhere in the Bahamas. He returned to Europe to spread the word, and was named "Admiral of the Ocean Seas" by Ferdinand and Isabella. He made three more voyages in the following years, always believing that he had reached Asia, and his success opened the door for Spain to conquer the Americas. Five centuries after his daring voyage, Columbus is still famous but is also the subject of heated discussions about whether he was a good-guy hero who discovered new worlds or a not-so-nice guy who helped grab the Americas from their native inhabitants. Still, he has long been known as the man who "discovered" America.....Hope this helps
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